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The answer to a three thousand year old mystery lies buried within the ruins of Sheffield Manor Lodge.

The Manor once held Queen Mary of Scots captive under political house arrest. Had Mary's grandmother, Antionette de Bourbon sent her a coded message in a tapestry from the French court? A map to a relic so valuable it might buy her freedom.


Fast Forward to World War 1: Professor Mikkel Jacobsen, a professor of archealogy and languages, is asked to verify the provenance of the tapestry found by two German nationals while rescuing a child at the Manor.


The hunt is on to find the ancient relic and the child who has vanished. Meet the beautiful violinist Ivy Jenkins and her cousin Archie. They become embroiled in the search for the relic and the child. The relic has a powerful purpose. In the wrong hands, it could mean death and destruction.


Stones of Wrath is a novel filled with suspense, adventure, romance and history. it begins in 793AD on the holy Island of Lindisfarne,  a night of terror. Then takes you into the heartwarming world of Ivy's Yorkshire family struggling with the outbreak of war.


About SJ Ratcliffe

SJ Ratcliffe has spent her working life as a secondary music teacher in both Australia and England where she lived for more than 14 years. She has travelled to most countries in Europe, Israel, the USA China and more recently Chile and Argentina.

Her stories reflect her love of travel, adventure and history.

These stories are woven through with characters who have a deep love of God. They overcome incredible trials and tribulations.

Along for the ride with history and adventure comes romance, touching and sweet, strong and united.


Since 2020 she has written two complete Christian Historical Adventure novels and is currently writing the third.

Stones of Wrath-The Tapestry is her debut novel soon to be released. It has been well received by Beta readers including Prof. (Dr) WA Liebenberg. (See Review).


"In order to maintain authenticity, Ratcliffe has included several real-life historical individuals in the
story, with the magazine owner Edward Hudson being the most prominent. In my opinion, the inclusion enhanced the story's credibility and made it more enjoyable to read.

The historical detail in this novel is outstanding. It genuinely felt like I had travelled back in time.
What makes this novel stand out from the rest is the spiritual story that runs alongside it. This novel
contains Christian miracles and angelic visions which gave me goosebumps on several occasions.
The author's understanding of scripture was evident, and the spiritual aspect of the novel was well
thought out. The story had multiple plot twists that kept me engaged and second-guessing the true
villain. Unforgettable is the only way to describe Stones of Wrath."


“Stones of Wrath” (Book 1, The Tapestry) by S.J. Ratcliffe receives five stars and the “Highly
Recommended” award of excellence from The Historical Fiction Company


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