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Prof (Dr) WA Leibenberg

          "Buried deep within the annals of Holy Island's history lies a mystery so intriguing, it defies comprehension. Yet in this book, the author has masterfully woven together the enigmatic threads of the mystery......"


A vaincre sans peril, on triomphe gloire. - A win without risk is a triumph without glory.

The sky over the monastery at Lindisfarne turned dark with the arrival of storm clouds, but the monks had no idea what else was on its way. While Brother Audlac prayed, he was unaware, as they all were, that three ships were just off the coast. Those on board the ships had come to pillage and kill, but one had come for a very different purpose.

A wax seal like image of a red lion head with a crown for the Historical Fiction Recommended Award

Al J. McCarn

Al McCarn is Executive Director of B’ney Yosef North America, and President of the Board of Ten from the Nations, two of several ministries he works with who are dedicated to bringing Christians and Jews together to walk out the promises of Israel’s complete restoration. He is also author of The Barking Fox blog and has published a book called The Ten Parts of the King.

Al is a retired Military Intelligence officer with 30 years experience in the military and government. He uses that experience in service to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

My Review of S J Ratcliffe's Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry - Book One...

What do Christian Vikings, the last Catholic queen of Scotland, a Danish archaeologist, and a German Zeppelin have to do with the Lost Tribes of Israel?

S.J Ratcliffe answers that question in her debut novel, Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry.

Ratcliffe’s work easily fits a number of categories: historical fiction, romance, mystery, Christian, action-adventure, espionage, and crime drama....

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