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About Me

Born in Australia, I grew up dreaming of one day crossing the seas to the land of my ancestors, England. I read books about the country voraciously.
I started writing books as a child and my mother always said I could tell stories for hours. As a teen, I aspired to be a poet, winning the JJ Cahill prize for poetry at age 18.


Eventually my creativity turned to becoming a lyricist and songwriter. I co-wrote the song for ‘The International Year of Peace’, which was sung by school children right across Australia. At the end of high school, I attained a full-time scholarship to study music at ‘The Conservatorium of Music.’ From there, I became a high school teacher. The classroom taught me a lot about lesson planning, momentum and keeping people’s attention. These skills served me well when I began writing my novels.

When the Royal Naval ship HMS Invincible sailed into Sydney harbour, a handsome young aviator caught my eye at a party. With that red hair and a lovely English accent, I was smitten. It was love at first sight and we eventually married and moved to England for 14 years, raising two boys. As my husband flew helicopters for the Royal Navy we lived in many parts of England, which gave me insight into the culture and the history. I’m blessed to
have travelled to most countries in Europe, Israel, the USA, Africa, China and more recently, Chile and Argentina. My stories reflect my love of travel, adventure, and history. My husband and I have both served as missionaries on short term trips. I have taken teams into China to work in orphanages every two to three years for nearly 20 years.

After a holiday in Israel, the seed of my books began forming in my mind. I noticed many Israeli children had auburn hair. Knowing King David had auburn hair, I thought of my husband’s Viking looks and wondered if perhaps the lost tribes of Israel may be connected to the Vikings. Yes, that is random I know. This started a research journey that brought me into contact with an army of eminent scholars and researchers who also believed there was a connection.


Thus, The Stones of Wrath Trilogy was born.

My books are Christian but many of my beta readers are not Christian, and they have really
enjoyed them.


In the future I will be continuing to write stories in the Christian Historical Adventure genre.

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Thankyou for your support,


God Bless You,

SJ. Ratcliffe

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